What a difference in all our lives in just a few weeks! Since then, the lives of almost everyone on our planet has been changed forever.  We have lost many of us and the prospect of losing so many more is very real. As Rotarians, we will stand side-by-side with those who are helping out assisting those in need, supporting our front-line defenders. We must rise to the challenges and do whatever we can.  The needs are enormous and every little bit counts.
Time is of the essence. We urge people to donate generously through this appeal. Rotary donations will be channeled to the AFYA Foundation, which has lined up suppliers and shipments for PPEs to be channeled to places of the greatest need and to other organizations providing support to the elderly and vulnerable groups. The top of the curve is likely still ahead of us. Urgent supplies of PPEs are needed now to deal with the surge and beyond.
The AFYA Foundation will consolidate the funds we provide and that they receive from others to provide this much-needed basic protection to those are risking their own lives daily so others may have a fighting chance.  I know you will do whatever you can towards this effort.  Here’s how to donate:  https://rotary7230.org/page/covid-19-donation
This is a time for Rotary, us Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors to remain engaged, and in touch with our communities.  Granted, social distancing may result in that engagement taking a different route, but our motto of Service above Self remains ever so relevant in these trying times.  Common sense precautions will allow us to stay safe while providing the Service we are known for. 
Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. in Rotary and the District at:  rotary7230.org/page/covid-19
Please accept our best wishes for the health and safety of your family and of all the members of the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact family in your areas.