ImageOn Friday, May 2, 2014 the Rye Rotary Club held a fundraising event with our Italian Sister Clubs; the Courmayeur and Portofino Rotary Clubs to raise funds for a physician training program in Aosta in Northern Italy. Doctors from Burkina Faso in Africa, where there is another Rotary Club, will be flying to Aosta, Italy to learn new medical procedures and techniques that they can use when they return to Burkina Faso. Our fundraising dollars will be used to pay for the doctor training program in Aosta, Italy. The Rye Rotary Club teamed up with a resident African artist at Arts Westchester by the name of Joe "Kwaku" Cobbinah. Mr. Cobbinah is from Ghana and he featured art from different countries in Africa, all stunning and brilliant, ranging in price from several hundred dollars and up. The fundraiser was a big success and we thank Lora Hugelmeyer and Melanie Ciraco for their hard work in making this event worthwhile.